Spurling Cemetery Memorial Stone Installed

At long last, the Spurling Revolutionary War Cemetery preservation project is complete. The last lingering piece of this preservation project was the installation of a memorial headstone inscribed with the names of all 26 people known to be interred on the hillside: 13 names on each side. On October 20, 2017, Fred Wieninger barged his truck and equipment out to GCI along with the 1,800 lb. rose granite memorial marker, its base, and steel-reinforced support. Assisted by Stanley Wilbur, Fred also repaired the broken Benjamin Spurling headstone, and placed Andrew Herrickā€™s new granite marker where his old cedar cross once stood.

Visit the cemetery at different times of day. (Look at this gallery of photos and you'll see what I mean.) Yesterday, the Indian summer morning sun captured the rose hue and crisp black lettering of the memorial perfectly. But in the afternoon breeze, the long autumn shadows of tall pines wavered across the stone in an ethereal salute.  I felt strongly that the 26 souls appreciated the tribute. In spring 2018, we plan to have a gathering on the hillside to commemorate these early settlers and thank the Town of Cranberry Isles for its support of this project.

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