Spurling cemetery probing continued 7/19/16 using the GPR report and intuition. Sunny, windy early afternoon visit, after a rainy day. Used GPR report and intuition to continue search for easily accessible headstones before Wieninger's visit in the next few days.

Brick feature: While probing in hopes of locating the cedar marker for the 1833 burial of Andrew Herrick, I located a feature of bricks between the broken but upright 1836 Benjamin Spurling headstone (3E) and the red slate marker (3D) that's lying face down, flat to the left of the Spurling headstone. 

A line of four large red bricks lying horizontally, end-to-end, sloping downward in long depression from about 4" below the surface to about 6" below the surface. I had dislodged another brick while probing on an earlier date and had left it in the depression). 

Thoughts on bricks feature: 
Does this brick feature outline a burial? 
Is it possibly Andrew Herrick's burial as the 2000 photo by Vining shows his cedar marker next to what looks like the Benj Spurling Sr. headstone which was broken and lying flat on the ground at the time?

Also, Benj Spurling's wife Fanny (died 1824) is believed to be buried next to Benjamin. Herrick's death 1833. Benjamin's 1836. Herrick family history states there may have been a family connection between Fanny and Andrew Herrick.

Other probing July 19: Liberated reddish headstone 3D; await Wieninger's arrival to turn it over.  Probed other spots in northwest corner with no findings. Dug around partial head/foot stone 3A.