Warm muggy morning after a heavy downpour and thunderstorms last night.
Jessi Duma and I met at the cemetery at 8:30 a.m. and probed and dug in several more spots for an hour or so. I remained behind to photograph and document our work and discuss the project with two visitors.    

1. We located a short parallel row of 2 or 3 bricks about three feet north of the row of bricks I uncovered earlier. The two rows of brick may be outlining the burial of Frances Spurling whose large headstone is face down and partially buried but whose footstone is upright. (LVS indicates Frances Spurling wife of Benjamin is buried near Benjamin and their son Benjamin.) Photographed bricks. This morning the initials on the two upright reddish footstones were clearly visible on their eastern faces: "F. S." and "B.S." (Frances Spurling and Benjamin Spurling, Jr.)

2. We uncovered the bluish stone behind Joseph L'Grow's headstone a bit more. Presumably it's his footstone but it doesn't quite match the slate of his headstone.

3. We probed and dug several more flagged areas and discovered only field stones of various sizes.

4. Martha Rose, long-time island visitor, stopped by to chat about the project. She's the one who first noticed the initials on the two reddish headstones this morning.

5. Tracy Weibel, property owner, stopped by and we chatted about the project and the property.  She was enthusiastic. I told her that Maine Coast Heritage Trust had been out to see the project and had given us information on deeds etc.