Sunny, dry breezy day 1-3:00 pm in cemetery. (Some updates included in text at later dates.) Probed and dug to probable end of the brick feature. Photographed it and measured bricks. There is a line of 6 bricks end to end that seems to stop at 51" long.

The loose brick measures 8 1/4" x 2" thick x 4" across. The first brick in the row is 8 1/2" long, probably same dimensions. Several other reddish stone thin broken pieces scattered about in the depression - possibly chips from the nearby headstone on the left side of the brick feature. No brand or markings on the loose red brick. I poured sea water over it and photographed it atop the fallen red headstone. This loose brick is solid and heavy, well-fired brick.
Is there a parallel course of bricks? Not found poking on the opposite side of depression on the Benjamin Spurling headstone side. (Note: read next blog - parallel row discovered at a later date.)

I photographed the white broken stone in slightly raking light and it reads in part: "William son of Thomas xxxxx Spurling" (Probably Thomas and his wife who I'll look up). Broken stone is presently resting against the Robert Spurling footstone. Update 7/28/16: This stone fragment is now housed in GCIHS archives as it was loose and not associated with any other stones at the conclusion of Fred Wieninger's work 7/27/16. According to LVS, this fragment would be part of the headstone for William Spurling, 2nd: b. 9 Dec 1812 d. 23 May 1839. Son of Thomas and Hannah Spurling. 

Also photographed broken stone which reads in part: "Henry L. son of xxxx". Update 7/28/16: Per LVS, Henry L. would be son of Thomas and Hannah Spurling b. 19 Apr 1825 d. 1 Jan 1840. This fragment was mended to the rest of its stone by Wieninger 7/27/16. So far the rest of the stone is illegible. 

I jotted down these probe results for past days and today.
31-32= 0
35= 0
29 = 0
12= 0 (rock chips)
15 - 0 rock chips
36 = half broken headstone
45 = Robert Spurling
3 = 0 (rock)
30 = round rock and long flat rock
17 = 0