GCIHS committee meeting: Present: Phil Whitney, Patty Pinkham, Douglas McMullin (MCHT), Bob Deforrest (MCHT), and Anne Grulich

The group walked to the cemetery via the public access path along the beach, and left via the path that leads to the access road that Wieninger’s truck would take to reach the cemetery.

Using a better camera, Bob Deforrest took photographs of gravestones and rocks that correspond to Anne Grulich's April 29 photos. He also took photos of depressions, a broad view of the whole cemetery, and photos of the second Spurling family cemetery that lies on the other side of the access road. This cemetery (maintained by Carl Brooks) is in very good condition behind a chain link fence.  The MCHT metal detector produced no positive results.

Photos were taken at Spurling Cemetery on GCI the afternoon of 4/29/16 by Grulich. Photos were taken from left to right starting in NW corner with Row 1, then Row 2, Row 3, Row 4. The small white disk in photo Row4C_FootstoneBS is a sand dollar.  See also pencil drawing made on site 4/29/16 and subsequent chart made on graph paper 5/1/16. Small red flags were placed in a 33' square as LVS research suggests the cemetery was 33' square. The locations of the headstones visible 4/29/16 do not correlate with the LVS research or chart.