A full Ground Penetrating Radar survey at Spurling Cemetery on Spurling Cove, GCI, and a cursory GPR survey of three unmarked graves at the Stanley Cemetery on Bulger Hill were conducted by Northeast Geophysical Services of Bangor on 6/15/16. (Photo)

During the weeks of June 6 and June 14, 2016 - Ben Sumner weed-whacked an approximately 40' x 40' area of the Spurling cemetery. On June 15, Blair Colby used his disk-mower to clear a wide pathway from the driveway to the cemetery, and he extended the mown area on the north and west sides of the known cemetery by about 15 feet. 

On Wednesday morning June 15, 2016, Mike Scully, VP of Northeast Geophysical Services, and Intern Mike McCormick spent from 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. in the Spurling Cemetery followed by an additional hour in the Stanley Cemetery on Bulger Hill from 2:00-3:00 to survey three unmarked graves there. The weather was warm, dry, and sunny after several chilly days of rain and fog.

McCormick and Scully laid out a 50' grid and marked 5' intervals with pink spray-paint. Scully ran the GPR equipment from south to north in 2.5' intervals, and then repeated the process running the GPR equipment from west to east, and occasionally instructed McCormick on the use of the equipment. 

McCormick drew a map of the survey area plotting the location of visible features (headstones, footstones, rocks, and depressions). Grulich placed numbered red flags on locations Scully indicated might be burials or features approx. 3-4 feet below ground level. McCormick included the placement and numbers of flags on his map. All of this data will be processed and interpreted back in the NGS office and a 3-D model and draft report will be provided in two weeks. (See NGS proposal June 13, 2016.) (Note: Grulich removed the red flags that had been placed in the cemetery on April 29 to mark depressions and the 33' x 33' boundary). See June 15 flag info here.

Stanley Cemetery - A quick GPR survey to try to figure out two unmarked graves, one on either side of Alma Stanley Johnson on the left side of the cemetery, and a review of the area surrounding an unmarked grave on the right side of the cemetery was conducted after the thorough Spurling cemetery survey. These three unmarked graves are presently marked with a wood stake, and two of the unmarked graves also have a small granite marker.

 Row 1 left side of cemetery:

Scully ran the GPR unit from the southern cemetery fence line north toward the center of the cemetery along the east and west sides of Row 1: Harris Hamor, George and Mary Hamor, unknown, Alma Stanley Johnson, unknown, Birlem. There were small signals on the west (Western Way) side of this row of headstones, but strong signals (i.e. burials) on the east (road) side of this row. Note: The readings on the east side of the two unknown burials are smaller than the readings for the other burials in this row.

Row 2 left side of cemeteryStrong but shallow (2' deep) readings on the east (road) side of the Eliza and Charles Stanley stone.

Row 2 right side of cemetery: Inscriptions on this row of Spurling family tombstones are on the west faces of the stones: Clyde, Bernice, Viola, Ella F., Warren A., and Walter F.. The burials are on the east (road) side of this row of headstones.

Row 3 right side of cemetery: Inscriptions on this row of Stanley family tombstones are on the west face of the stones: Minnie, Albion, George. The burials are on the east (road) side of the stones.

 Between row 2 and 3, right side of cemetery: Tall wooden stake (unmarked grave): Yes, there is likely a burial there. (I failed to note whether the stake is west or east of the burial.)

 Right side of cemetery near Hazel Stanley Peterson headstone: Yes, there may be a burial just north of Hazel on line with the wooden stake noted above. The burials for the row of tombstones that are in line with the Hazel Peterson stone are on the east (road) side of the headstones. There is a small opening near Hazel Peterson headstone where I placed a red flag on it.