Tours, a database, and a great article:

The GCIHS invites you to tour the historic Stanley Cemetery with a museum guide before and after preservation work begins in late August.

Tour dates: 11:00 on Tuesday August 19 and August 26.  And 11:00 on Tuesday September 2, 9, 16, 23.  Meet at the Cranberry House. Transportation to the site will be provided. If possible, sign up in advance at the museum reception desk or call 244-7800.  We need your support.  Here's the poster advertising the tours if you'd like to pass it along to friends and family!


A spreadsheet containing information and photos of each of the headstones, unmarked graves, and unused spaces in the Stanley Cemetery has been completed. We're having technical difficulty uploading it with the photos, but try this link to the complete database for now.  Or try one of the two edited versions listing the graves by name, and by year of death. (You'll have to enlarge the spreadsheet to 100% to read it.)  You'll find inscription, tombstone condition, age at death, measurements, and myriad other details about each burial spot.

To see the headstone images that go with the spreadsheet, click here "Headstones before Conservation".  

We have photos from 1999 for many of the graves, and eventually you'll be able to compare them with the 2014 photographs. There's a wealth of information to be analyzed.


Lastly, read this fascinating article about granite cutters in Maine from the Fishermen's Voice.